Firefighters concerned by boy's unsettling drawing

Firefighters have been left concerned about a seven-year-old boy after he sent them an unsettling drawing.

Ollie drew a picture of a fatal crash he was involved in and sent it to the Trowbridge Fire Station in England after the truck he and his father were travelling in collided with a car on October 28.

The picture shows a flaming upside down car and firefighters attempting to battle the blaze.

“Thanks for helping me and my daddy,” the boy wrote next to the drawing.

Firefighters uploaded the picture to Twitter and said two men died after the car hit the truck and caught fire.

The boy’s drawing showed and upside down car on fire. Source: Twitter/Trowbridge Fire Station

“I’ve just received this picture from a very brave 7yo that was in the cab (of) the lorry,” the post said.

“No 7yo should have to see what this tot saw.”

Concerned about the boy, firefighters decided to meet Ollie and check on his welfare.

Firefighters invited Ollie to the station to make sure he was OK. Source: Twitter/Trowbridge Fire Station

“Unfortunately he witnessed something terrible,” the fire station wrote on Twitter.

“We wrote back and invited him to the station for a visit. We wanted to check the little man was OK.”

Pictures posted to Twitter show the young seven-year-old dressed in firefighting gear and speaking with a member of the crew.