Finnish PM parties 'didn't neglect duties'

Finland's Prime Minister Sanna Marin did not neglect the duties of her office during parties she attended in the summer, the country's chancellor of justice has concluded.

There was no reason to believe that the Social Democratic head of government had neglected her official duties or violated the law, Chancellor of Justice Tuomas Poysti said in a review of complaints about the 36-year-old's recreational behaviour.

Marin made headlines in August because of videos from a private party showing her dancing and singing with friends.

One of the videos fuelled rumours that drugs may have been consumed.

The prime minister denied all allegations and submitted to a drug test, which came back negative.

In Finland, the independent chancellor of justice checks the legality of the activities of the government, president and authorities.

Citizens can file complaints with him if they suspect unlawful behaviour.

After Marin's celebrations became public, several such complaints were submitted to Poysti.

Marin was accused of being unfit for her duties because of her alcohol consumption.