Fine for driver who knocked down cyclist

Architect Richard Sheridan leaves Perth Magistrate's Court. Picture: Michael Wilson/ The West Australian

A driver who knocked over and injured a cyclist after the man punched his windscreen has been fined and handed a nine-month suspended jail term.

Richard Jonathan Sheridan, 54, was sentenced in Perth Magistrate's Court today after pleading guilty to an act or omission causing bodily harm and reckless driving.

The successful architect and project manager clipped the back wheel of Derek Holland's $6000 bicycle on Beaufort Street in January.

Magistrate Elizabeth Woods accepted Sheridan did not intend to chase down and run over Mr Holland.

She told the court Sheridan had expressed remorse but his record indicated he was an impatient road user.

The incident started when Sheridan revved his engine and tooted his horn at Mr Holland and his friend after they turned left against a red light.

Mr Holland retaliated at the next red light by punching the windscreen of Sheridan's Mazda, leaving it cracked.

Sheridan accelerated after Mr Holland and clipped his wheel, sending him sprawling under the car's wheels.

Mr Holland suffered numerous scratches and "road rash" in the crash.

Defence lawyer Curt Hoffman said Sheridan tried to stop before he reached the cyclist.

"This has been an awful experience for Mr Sheridan," he said.

Prosecutor First Class Sgt Jim Scott urged Ms Woods to send a message to Sheridan and the community.

He said drivers needed to be aware driving on the road was a privilege, not a right.

"The outcome could have been more serious," he said.

Sheridan has chaired homeless and community organisations and graduated from Hale School in the top one per cent of his year.

He was fined $1500 for the reckless driving charge and was ordered to pay $79 in costs.

Sheridan was also disqualified from driving for 12 months.