Film Factory Launching Icíar Bollaín’s ‘I’m Nevenka’ at Berlin, a Powerful Story of Spain’s First High-Profile Sexual Harassment Case (EXCLUSIVE)

Film Factory will bring to market at Berlín Icíar Bollaín’s latest film, “I’m Nevenka,” a recount of Spain’s first high-profile case of sexual harassment starring Mireia Oriol (“The Girl in the Mirror”).

It will reunite much of the team behind Bollain’s “Maixabel, including Urko Olazaba who won a best supporting Spanish Academy Goya Award for “Maixabel” and now co-stars opposite Oriol in “I’m Nevenka.”

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Disney will handle distribution in Spain. The film is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2024.

This acquisition signals Film Factory’s commitment to championing stories that not only entertain but also provoke important conversations about societal issues.

“I’m Nevenka,” is based on the true story of Nevenka Fernández, a young woman whose bravery and resilience became a pioneering beacon for the fight against sexual harassment in Spain.

At the young age of 23, Fernández faced widespread public scrutiny and societal backlash after she accused her boss, the mayor of Ponferrada, of sexual harassment. This case, which unfolded in 2000, marked a seminal moment in Spain’s social and cultural landscape, predating the global #MeToo movement by nearly two decades.

“She did it when the word harassment was not on the streets. She did it for justice and survival. She did it very alone and it was all very public. The abuse was very public and everyone looked the other way. She won in court, but she was left very alone because there was social rejection. It is also a portrait of the media, who branded her as a social climber,” said director Bollaín.

Bollaín’s “Maixabel” garnered critical acclaim and three Goya awards, plus a breakout box office in Spain of €2.8 million ($3.0 million) in 2021 when Spanish cinemagoing was still belabouring under the effects of COVID-19. She returns to the director’s chair with “I’m Nevenka,” collaborating as on “Maixabel” with co-writer Isa Campo.

The film began shooting on Jan. 29, produced by Kowalski Films and Feelgood Media, who teamed to produce “Maixabel.” “I’m Nevenka” is not just a recounting of a historical case but is expected to be a reflection on the enduring issues of power dynamics, gender discrimination, and the courage it takes to stand against them.

“We are very pleased to join once again a project by Icíar Bollaín, one of the most influential filmmakers in the Spanish film industry, said Vicente Canales, CEO of Film Factory Entertainment. “We are convinced that ‘I’m Nevenka’ will have the same success as ‘Maixabel’ as it deals with a subject that unfortunately is still very present today.”

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