Filipino visitor may lose all limbs after spider bite in Victoria

A Filipino visitor, who has already had a leg amputated, could face losing all four of his limbs after suffering a spider bite.

Terry Pareja was bitten by a white-tailed spider while visiting relatives in Birchip, Victoria and 24 hours later he began to walk with a limp.

Mr Pareja waited until a clinic to open on Monday to receive any medical attention.

There are fears Mr Pareja could lose both his arms. Source: Supplied

He was then rushed to Wimmera Base Hospital in Horsham, Victoria and had to have emergency surgery to amputate his right leg after the flesh-eating bacteria progressed.

His sister, Raquel Ogleby, told Fairfax her brother’s kidneys were not working and feared for his arms after doctors conducted surgery to clear more infected skin.

"Last week we met with doctors and they said he will need time and rehab as well and the whole process could take that long," she said.

There are fears Mr Pareja could have his arms amputated. Source: Supplied

The father of two has already had his left leg, part his bowel and spleen removed.

Brother-in-law Ray Ogleby said the early symptoms were similar to a cold but things turned for the worse over the weekend.

"He could hardly walk on Saturday and on Sunday (his leg) started to turn black," he told 3AW.

"There's no doctor service in Birchip on Saturday and Sunday so he waited until Monday."

A white-tailed spider. Source: Wikipedia

Mr Ogleby said his wife's brother has now lost the use of his right arm.

A GoFundMe page for Mr Pareja has raised more than $7000 so far but his family says they'll need $30,000 to cover his medical bills.