Fight to free Aussie woman who bit off part of husband's tongue

An Australian woman has failed in her bid to overturn an Icelandic court verdict finding her guilty of biting off part of her husband’s tongue during an argument, despite her claim it was self-defence.

Nara Walker, from the Sunshine Coast, was living in Iceland when the incident occurred in 2017 after her then-husband ‘forced his tongue in her mouth’.

She faces three months behind bars at a maximum security prison in the European country after she was initially sentenced to 12 months’ jail over the assault, including nine months as a suspended sentence.

Ms Walker launched a failed Supreme Court appeal of self-defence and her sentence was increased to 18 months’ jail, including 15 months suspended.

The 28-year-old artist is now fighting to be pardoned, with a GoFundMe page supporting her legal fight. She claims she was the victim of abuse, drugging and rape at the hands of her former husband.

Nara Walker faces three months behind bars over the 2017 incident. Source: Facebook/Nara Walker

The fundraising page says the night she bit off part of her husband’s tongue she was fearing for her life, and it was what she that had to flee.

Icelandic newspaper Morgunbladid reports the Reykjavik District Court heard about 2.5 centimetres of the man’s tongue was bit off after he forced his tongue into her mouth.

Ms Walker told the court the fight broke out in their apartment while they were with American tourists and an Icelandic woman.

The GoFundMe page says Ms Walker has been “trapped in Iceland” for the last 15 months, with her passport confiscated by authorities.

Nara Walker is fighting to be pardoned after being found guilty of biting off part of her husband’s tongue. Source: Facebook/Nara Walker

“Nara was denied medical attention at the time, returned to the hands of her abuser, had her evidence dismissed and is facing maximum security prison, for acting in her own self-defence,” the page says.

Almost $5000 has been raised to help with Ms Walker’s court fees and to go towards bringing her back to Australia.

The GoFundMe page is calling for the President of Iceland to pardon Ms Walker from prison, drop criminal charges and allow her to return to Australia.

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