Fight continues for LGBTQI rights

Ending conversion practices nationally and amending federal discrimination laws are on the agenda for LGBTQI advocates, as supporters celebrate a major milestone on the path to marriage equality.

Equality Australia launched its campaign "YES, What's Next?" on Tuesday, marking five years to the day 61.6 per cent of Australians voted in support of legalising same sex marriage.

The new campaign, supported by swimming legend Ian Thorpe, will focus on changing laws to end discrimination in religious schools and organisations, banning conversion therapy, and transgender rights.

"We've seen so many weddings, so much love and happiness across the country," Equality Australia chief executive Anna Brown told reporters.

"But it was a really divisive and unnecessary process, and that human cost is something we're still living with today."

Despite positive change since the vote, Ms Brown said there was still more to do to bring state and territory laws in line with each other.

"We want (conversion) practices banned across the entire country.

"That's the plan for the coming years - to make sure wherever you are in this country, you're protected from harm and discrimination."

The debate around the religious discrimination bill earlier in the year exposed a huge gap in federal discrimination laws, Ms Brown said.

"It has been something we've seen weaponised. We've seen it being used in politics to extend positions that are inaccurate," Thorpe said.

"When it comes to education, when it comes to your rights to be able to go to a hospital or into aged care, those are areas I don't see affected based on your faith, or if you have no faith."

The bill was ultimately shelved after the government failed to secure enough support to pass it in parliament.

The federal government has restarted the process towards new religious discrimination laws after Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus tasked the Australian Law Reform Commission to review religious exemptions for schools.

Meanwhile, Independent MP for Sydney Alex Greenwich is proposing new laws to address inequality in health services, discrimination in schools and banning conversion practices for LGBTQI people in NSW.