Fifteen cats dumped outside animal shelter in horrific case of neglect

A Perth animal shelter has described the “heartbreaking” scene staff encountered after finding two “filthy” cat carriers carrying 15 felines drenched in urine and faeces.

Animal Protection Society of WA (APS) wrote on Facebook that a team at their suburban shelter came across the two cat carriers sitting on their doorstep earlier this week.

The shelter wrote the cats were “packed in so tight you couldn’t see them all and the poor babies were drenched in their own urine and faeces”.

It added that workers at the shelter discovered one of the cats is also “heavily pregnant” with another “suspected to be pregnant”. 

“So potentially this 15 turns into as many as 30 cats,” the shelter wrote.

Fifteen cats have been dumped, cramped into two animal carriers at a shelter in Perth. Source: Facebook/ Animal Protection Society of WA

“These poor babies were terrified and filthy. This was a task undertaken by two of our team who worked all day to get to a point where these babies were clean, health checked and settled to come to terms with a new environment.” 

APS said it suspects the owner did not sterilise the cats and knowing kittens were on the way decided to leave them.

The shelter added it does not have the resources to look after the 15 along with the kittens yet to be born.

It’s expected the total cost of vet treatment for all 15 cats costs up to $4500. The APS is asking for donations to cover the costs of helping the felines.

The shelter said the cats were cramped into cages drenched in excrement. Source: Facebook/ Animal Protection Society of WA
This cat is said to have been drenched in its own urine. Source: Facebook/ Animal Protection Society of WA

If you wish to help or are looking to give one of them a home click here.

RSPCA WA said it had not received a report into the matter, and a volunteer from the shelter said there were no witnesses around when the cats were dumped so it seemed unlikely that the owner would be found.

They said their priority was looking after the cats and finding them good homes.

One of the cats roams free of its cage. Source: Facebook/ Animal Protection Society of WA