Fico in serious condition, but no longer in immediate danger, says Slovak deputy PM

Life of Slovak PM Fico is no longer in immediate danger
Life of Slovak PM Fico is no longer in immediate danger

Life of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico “is no longer in immediate danger” but still in a serious condition, Deputy Prime Minister Robert Kalinak told a news conference outside the hospital in the city of Banska Bystrica four days after the assassination attempt, Reuters reported on May 19.

“We are all a little calmer,” he said.

“When we were saying that we want to get closer to a positive prognosis, then I believe that we are a step closer to that.”

Fico's “condition remains very serious” to consider transferring him to hospital in Bratislava, but “the worst that we feared had passed, at least for the time being.”

According to Reuters, the shooting was the first major assassination attempt on a European political leader for more than 20 years.

Assassination attempt on Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico

Slovak PM, Fico, was shot near the building of the Slovak parliament on the afternoon of May 15.

Fico approached people in the street, after which several shots were fired and the politician fell to the ground.

The incident occurred in Handlová, about 93 miles from Bratislava.

Fico was in serious condition, but not in immediate life-threatening danger. He sustained two to three gunshot wounds, possibly in his limbs, chest, and abdomen, with around five shots fired in total, Plus one day media reported.

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Photos of the suspect surfaced later, leading to the arrest of 71-year-old Juraj Cintula, an author and supporter of the opposition party Progressive Slovakia.

The shooter expressed his discontent with the Slovak government's policies, Denník N and Refresher medias reported.

Doctors performed surgery on Fico on the night of May 16, ensuring his condition was stabilized and not life-threatening.

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