Ferrari and Volkswagen drivers slammed over 'inconsiderate' act

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Facebook users have lashed out at two drivers parked in disability parking bays without the required permits displayed.

"Not one but TWO problematic parkers reported," a user wrote in a Facebook dedicated to shaming those who illegally park in reserved disability parking bays.

The image posted showed two vehicles, one a white Volkswagen, the other a red Ferrari, both parked in spots clearly reserved for those with permits.

Ferrari and Volkswagen drivers slammed over 'inconsiderate' parking. Source: Facebook
Ferrari and Volkswagen drivers slammed over 'inconsiderate' parking. Source: Facebook

It's unclear where the photo was taken but members of the Facebook group were furious to see the "inconsiderate entitled rich" parking.

"I see eight flat tyres don't you?" one user wrote, suggesting the poster take matters into their own hands.

Another user suggested applying a clamp to the tyres.

"NO!! These parking spots are rarer than hen's teeth. The last thing we need is wheel clamped cars stuck in them for hours or even days. TOW them!" a frustrated member replied.

While a debate started in the group over the ability for council to fine illegal parking on private property, such as a shopping centre car park, many insisted it was up to the owners to enforce the law.

"Isn’t a shopping centre car park classed as private parking and they (the shopping centre) can enforce their own [fraudulent] rules on shoppers?" one person asked.

While there is a grey area in some states, is does appear that private property such as shopping centres are left to monitor their own parking situation.

Several members of the group suggested reporting the parking with the 'Snap Send Solve' app which helps residents in several areas report issues, such as illegal parking, to local councils quickly from their phone.

"I've done this multiple times with inconsiderate gits parking across footpaths blocking wheelchair and scooter users and have had great results using the app," one woman wrote.

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