Female tourist 'taking a photo' trips on tracks before tram rolls over her

A tourist taking a photo has had a lucky escape after she tripped and fell onto tram tracks in Melbourne.

Police said the woman was taken to hospital after attempting to snap a picture beside the track on Victoria Parade in Abbotsford about 10.20pm on Wednesday.

As the tram began to approach the woman tried to move out of the way, but she tripped onto the track and hit her head.

The woman was taken to hospital with minor injuries. Source: Getty Images

Police said the front of the tram rolled over the woman but she was not hit by the vehicle.

The 36-year-old was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

It happened just hours after another incident involving a Melbourne tram delayed traffic.

A tram and car collided on St Kilda Road near the Alfred Hospital just before 6pm.

Police attended the scene but there were no injuries reported.