Feds to spend big on Vic infrastructure

Kaitlyn Offer
Victoria is expected to score a $7.8 billion infrastructure package in the federal budget

Victoria will score a $7.8 billion infrastructure package in the federal budget, with the money to be poured into roads and rail.

The North East Link road will get $1.75 billion, another $225 million will be allocated to electrify the Frankston rail line to Baxter, while the Turnbull government wants to see $475 million go to a rail link between Monash University's Caulfield and Clayton campuses.

"I had a call from the Victorian premier this morning to thank me for the announcement, so that is good," Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told reporters on Monday.

The airport rail line - subject to a business case due for completion in September and for which the Turnbull government has already committed $5 billion - and the North East Link, were the two items Victoria had put on its federal budget wish list.

The Labor state government has already committed to planning for a tram line from Caulfield, but the federal government wants heavy rail explored too.