Fed-up truck driver releases shocking video of the near-misses he sees every day

A disgruntled truck driver in New Zealand has shared a shocking compilation video of the dangerous manoeuvres drivers are performing in a bid to overtake his vehicle.

The driver, named only as Michael, shared the video from the Northland region of New Zealand’s North Island via Highway Express Trucking NZ’s Facebook page on Saturday.

“The current state of New Zealand driver not looking good as it just gets worse,” the post read.

The drivers featured in the video have been slammed online. Source: Facebook/ Highway Express Trucking NZ

The five minute clip shows dozens of incidents between 2015 and 2018 depicting near-fatal risks drivers are taking.

Several incidents featured show cars crossing the centre line despite vehicles approaching in the opposite direction.

Some incidents even show oncoming drivers having to swerve out of the way to avoid a deadly collision, often in wet conditions.

Some of the driving was made even riskier with wet conditions. Source: Facebook/ Highway Express Trucking NZ
Even other trucks were seen dangerously overtaking. Source: Facebook/ Highway Express Trucking NZ

But its not just motorists in cars causing problems, with other trucks dangerously overtaking Michael’s vehicle.

The clip sparked a series of comments online condemning the driving of the “plain dangerous” motorists featured.

“Hope these people get reported, couple of minutes wait is better than losing a life or getting a fine for reckless driving, not sure how much that would be now days,” one user wrote.

The truck driver released the shocking video in a bid to reduce the death toll on NZ roads. Source: Facebook/ Highway Express Trucking NZ

“Can you give that footage to police so they can prosecute? Some of those examples are heart-stopping,” another asked.

“Plain dangerous,” one user proclaimed.

“Unfortunately it’s the innocent family that ends up paying the price for the dumb decisions these drivers make,” another chimed in.

According to the New Zealand Transport Agency, there has been 391 road fatalities in the last 12 months.

As of April 2018, there has been 1,253 road deaths in Australia over the last 12 months, statistics from the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics say.