Fed up principal puts ban on lunch time fast food deliveries

A fed up Sydney primary school principal has had to ban parents from delivering fast food lunches to students.

The crackdown was instigated by Canley Vale Public School in the city’s east after a rise in deliveries from fast food chains such as McDonald’s and KFC.

Principal Ben Matthews took to Facebook last month to inform parents of the decision.

Canley Vale Public School has banned all food deliveries at lunch time. Source: Google Maps

“Lately a significant number of parents have been delivering fast food to the school for their child’s lunch,” he wrote online.

“Please note that as of today we are no longer accepting these deliveries.

“Your anticipated understanding and co-operation is greatly appreciated.”

Children will no longer be able to get lunches from fast food chains such as McDonald’s. Source: Getty, file.

The school urged parents to prepare their children’s meals at home.

Nutritionist Michele Chevalley Hedge praised the school’s action, suggesting home made food was a far better alternative.

“I believe that banning delivery food in this instance is probably a very good idea and take a little bit more time for planning your own meals at home,” she said.

If making food at home isn’t possible, the school says there’s always the option of buying a healthy lunch from the canteen.

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