Fears little girl suffering 'tree man syndrome' after bark-like wart spreads

A 10-year-old girl could be the first female in the world to become afflicted by the so-called ‘tree man syndrome’.

Sahana Khatun, from Bangladesh, developed a bark-like wart on her face four months ago, which has now spread.

But doctors fear Sahana may be suffering from epidermodysplasia verruciformis – a rare genetic disease that produces scaly, bark-like growths which particularly affect the hands and feet.

So far only men are believed to have been struck by the disease.

Little Sahana may be the first female in Bangladesh to be diagnosed with the so called 'tree man syndrome'. Photo: AFP

Her worried dad said: “We are very poor. My daughter lost her mother when she was only six.

“I really hope that the doctors will remove the barks from my beautiful daughter’s face.”

Sahana and her father. The little girl developed a bark-like wart on her face which has now spread. Photo: AFP.

The skin disorder can be highly debilitating, leaving sufferers consumed by heavy growths which make it hard for people to move.

However, doctors are hopeful that Sahana may have a less aggressive version of the illness and should be able to recover quickly.