Faulty Russian air defense response results in friendly fire on Sochi residents – funny video

It is not known where exactly the Russian missile hit
It is not known where exactly the Russian missile hit

During the drone attack on Sochi and its outskirts on Oct. 14, the Russian air defense system inadvertently struck its own territory, as seen in a video posted on social media by a local resident who recorded the failure of the Russian air defense system.

The video shows a missile launched from the Olympic city’s anti-aircraft missile system not headed skyward, but rather veers off course directly above the rooftops of apartment buildings, followed by a loud explosion.

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“F**kkkkkk!,” commented the author of the video on yet another mishap by Russian military forces.

Russian authorities claimed to have intercepted two Ukrainian drones. The city’s residents, however, claim to have heard at least five explosions.

The results of this latest drone attack on Sochi currently remain unknown.

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