Father-of-two escapes jail time after brutal attack on Sydney barman

Natasha Christian Yahoo7 and Matthew Snelson 7 News

A barman has become the latest victim of a brutal coward punch, while trying to hail a cab home for his attacker’s brother.

His attacker, a father of two, has escaped jail time.

Sydney’s Trent Marsden was waiting with the man, after his brother had been asked to leave the venue.

Without warning he was knocked to the ground and then suffered eight more blows to the head and his torso.

Remarkably Mr Marsden was able to push his attacker away and stand up.

He suffered nerve damage, broken teeth and a concussion.

Footage of the horrific attack was captured on CCTV.

When Haze Aupoire faced Sutherland court last week, the magistrate didn’t see the video.

Aupoire pleaded guilty to the assault and was let off on a good behaviour bond with a 12 month suspended sentence.

Fadi Taiba also knows the pain of an attack similar to what Mr Marsden suffered.

The bouncer was slugged by a bank worker, after he was refused entry into a Sydney bar.

James Longworth was sentenced to three years jail for the attack, which left the father of four with permanent brain injuries.

Police are becoming increasingly frustrated with lenient sentences.

Mr Marsen is still suffering headaches from the attack.

Prosecutors plan to ask the court to consider an appeal for Aupoire’s case.

He said he has lost a lot of faith in the justice system, but hoped for a successful appeal.

"It could be appealed to the courts and we could have a tougher sentence coming out of that good process,” Attorney General Gabrielle Upton said.