Father wants shark killed after daughter attacked off South Australia

The father of a teenage girl attacked by a 4.5m great white shark on a South Australian beach wants the animal hunted down and killed.

Sarah Williams, 15, is still coming to grips with how close she came to death at the jaws of a giant white pointer on Sunday near Normanville, after she was thrown from her kayak as it sunk its teeth into the hull.

“When I got hit by the shark I was under water for most of it and I saw its fin and that was it,” she said.

Sarah’s brother along with her father Chris rescued her within seconds from their tinny.

Chris Williams (left) wants the shark who attacked his daughter (right) killed. Source: 7 News

But now her father wants the shark killed.

“None of us condone a shark cull,” Mr Williams said.

“But I hate to think this shark might kill someone. We were lucky.”

The shark sunk its teeth into the hull of his kayak. Source: 7 News

A Seven News poll found 87 per cent of people don’t support shark culls and neither does the SA Government.

Premier Jay Weatherill said it was difficult to “create a system of culling that doesn’t implicate other species”.

Another kayaker was stalked by a similar sized white pointer at Seacliff beach days earlier but authorities aren’t sure it’s the same one that attacked Sarah.

“It could well have been but we don’t have any concrete proof to believe that,” Surf Lifesaving SA’s Ben Laurenson said.

He said shark sightings will only increase as summer approaches.

Mr Williams wants this shark killed but does not condone shark culls. Source: 7 News