Father defends stealing his own son's girlfriend

A father has ‘stolen’ his own son’s girlfriend because he claims “she is too gorgeous for him”.

Kirill Semchev had been dating Anna Tarasova for two months before he says she left him for his father.

“I met Anna at work. I fell in love with her at first sight,” he told Russian TV show ‘Na Samom Dele’ (‘In Fact’).

Kirill and Anna met at work. Photo: Australscope

“I gave her flowers and sweets, and then we started dating.

“I was the happiest person in the world. I thought that we would always be together.”

Head-over-heels in love, Kirill invited Anna to his home in the Russian capital Moscow to introduce her to his father Aleksandr Semchev.

“The first thing my father said when he saw Anna was ‘this woman is too gorgeous for you, son’,” Kirill said.

He then claims his father started flirting with Anna and did so every time she came to the apartment.

Kirill introduced Anna to his father. Photo: Australscope

Anna started flirting with her boyfriend’s father as well.

“I did not like their behaviour, but I thought nothing would happen between them,” he said.

“Then Anna broke up with me and left me for my father.”

Kirill’s father Aleksandr doesn’t feel bad about what happened at all.

“Anna is gorgeous, sexy and smart,” Aleksandr said.

“She chose a more suitable partner. It is a natural thing to do.”

Anna says Aleksandr is the one. Photo: Australscope

Anna admits she thought she was in love with Kirill but realised she was wrong.

“Kirill was cute and I thought I loved him, but when I met his father I realised I was wrong,” she said.

“Aleksandr is the one for me.”

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