Fatal freak crash truck in 'bad condition'

Toby Mann

The truck driven by a man accused of unintentionally killing an elderly Brisbane motorist with the protruding arm of an amusement ride was poorly maintained and in a dangerous condition, court documents state.

Questions arose, too, about the quality of restraints used on the 2.8 metre long stabilising arm that slammed into the victim's car.

Aldo Joseph Casasola, 80, died after his car was hit by part of the "Hurricane" ride while it was being towed back to its Brisbane depot by Christopher Paul Hennessy in May 2016, the Brisbane Magistrates court heard on Friday.

According to court documents, one of the ride's arms was not correctly secured and may have swung out when the truck rounded a corner on Mount Cotton Road at Burbank.

It was protruding about 2.2 metres from the semi-trailer when it slammed into Mr Casasola's Commodore, the court heard.

He died at the scene, in what police described as a significant crash, which was investigated for more than a year by forensic specialists.

Hennessy remained at the scene after the fatal collision.

He told police he had instructed two other men to secure the metal arms of the ride.

But the truck was allegedly poorly maintained and questions have been raised about the quality of restraints used.

"The truck was in a potentially dangerous condition," the prosecution documents state.

"(The stabilising arm) was not restrained to meet the performance standard on load restraint guides."

Hennessy was last week charged with manslaughter and granted conditional bail.

Initially, he was ordered to report to police every Wednesday, but on Friday his bail conditions were relaxed, with the court hearing he would have trouble working if he had to continue reporting weekly.

Magistrate Jason Schubert agreed and varied bail to allow him to skip reporting as long as his absence was due to work duties, which included long-distance driving and sometimes required him to be away for weeks.

Hennessy did not comment as he left the court, where he is due to return on July 17.