Fashion illustrator shares art of the model in motion

The art of fashion illustration lies in feeling and movement, according to illustrator Meg Kolac.

It's a discipline that has been around since the 17th century, and Kolac says it's still possible to make a living from fashion illustration despite the dominance of photography.

"Every time there's a new technology, people who are analog illustrators sort of panic," she told AAP.

"But I think the hand drawn is always there, and will always be a wonderful thing."

Kolac is running a workshop on fashion illustration as part of the Melbourne fashion festival, in which a model will move around the studio, giving participants the chance to capture a figure in motion.

She's run similar events in recent years, and said attendees are often full of self-doubt and have a love-hate relationship with drawing.

Kolac believes the trick is to loosen up, and stop worrying about other people's judgement.

"Just focus on what you're doing rather than how it looks for starters, so you can get an understanding of the subject you're drawing," she said.

In her own illustrations she works in traditional media such as watercolours, but has also embraced digital drawing of late.

She has even sketched from live runway shows in the past, and says it's hard to detach from the surrounds, which can be overwhelming, to focus on the drawing at hand.

Fashion Life Drawing is on March 9 at the No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne.