Farmers use utes and helicopter to muster dangerous fugitive

Queensland farmers have helped muster a dangerous fugitive into police custody.

Two gunmen, 29-year-old Bruce Dyball and 27-year-old Luke Jones, broke parole over the weekend, and on Tuesday the search for the pair became urgent when they allegedly stole a car and a number of guns.

They led police on a cross-border chase into Queensland cotton country.

Pilot Charlie Tootell used his helicopter, which he normally uses for spraying cops, to track one of the fugitives.

Charlie Tootell monitored the chase from his helicopter, which he normally uses to spray crops. Source: 7 News

He said other Dirranbandi residents knew it could have led to a shootout but were keen to help track the fugitives down.

Local farmer Grant Murphy said there were up to 10 different farmers with trucks, utes and “whatever they had” to help track the men down.

Jones and Dyball fled NSW Police and were spotted near Cubbie Station where property owners chased them through paddocks and they allegedly crashed their stolen car through fences and locked gates. 

Their car became bogged and one of the pair allegedly pulled a gun on a property owner when he approached them.

Bruce Dyball was eventually caught. Source: NSW Police

But at lunchtime on Wednesday, Dyball was spotted from the sky, and arrested. 

His co-accused remains on the run and police believe he is in NSW.

Luke Jones is still on the run. Source: NSW Police