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Farmer sparks debate after milking cows in bikini: 'Attention seeker'

A farmer has sparked furious debate online after she shared videos of herself going about her farm work in a bikini.

The New Zealand woman, who has more than 100,000 followers on TikTok, often dons a bikini while milking cows and riding tractors with a full face of makeup.

She has been criticised for a series of videos she's uploaded to TikTok of her undergoing her daily routine, with many slamming her for wearing swimwear while others were concerned she was breaking health and safety rules.

"Saddest thing I've seen," one commented.

"No health and safety," another said.

"Attention seeker," a third added while somebody else said, "Who milks cows in their underwear?"

A farmer poses in a bikini with ear muff around her neck (left) and milks a cow while wearing a bikini (right).
The farmer sparked debate after sharing videos of her milking a cow while wearing a bikini. Source: TikTok/@itsthatkiwigirl

Others however threw their support behind the farmer, with one suggesting it got too hot in the shed, to which the farmer replied, "Yes! And when it's just you and the cows who cares?"

"Keep doing what you enjoy doing," a follower said in support.

"People have no idea how hot it is in the shed in summer," another claimed.

"Ignore the haters," a third added.

"My mate milks and will sometimes wears a bikini top when it's really hot here so you ain't the only one," somebody else said.


The farmer shared a video on TikTok hitting back at those trolling her over her unconventional work attire.

"Ima keep milking in a bikini and y'all can keep hating," she captioned a video that highlighted some of the negative comments she had received.

One of the comments she shared suggested she was working on "daddy's farm" while another claimed, "Real farmers don't wear makeup".

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