Fantasy Football Podcast: Greg Jennings on chemistry, training camp and coaching

Yahoo Sports Fantasy Staff and Matt Harmon
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Matt Harmon is joined by none other than Super Bowl champion wide receiver Greg Jennings to talk this unique NFL offseason and to play a special game of true-or-false (and much more) on the latest episode of the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast!

Matt and Greg discuss the effects of this offseason and how a truncated training camp could impact players getting ready for the season, and why not all rookie WRs will be at a disadvantage to put up big numbers in their first season. (Spoiler alert: it's all about good coaching)

Along those same lines, one thing we've talked a lot about is the importance of “continuity” and coaching this year, that teams that have had an established roster and coaching staff with low turnover might be better suited for this upcoming season with limited practice time. Matt and Greg discuss the receiver corps in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Houston, and how good play design could open up their offenses and lead to potential fantasy value.

And in an ode to off-season news reports, Greg Jennings tells us how he got into the 'best shape of his life.' But seriously, Greg discusses his post-retirement bodybuilding career. It’s rare that an athlete retires ... and gets into even better shape.

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Greg Jennings talks coaching, receivers, and rookies.
Greg Jennings talks coaching, receivers, and rookies.