Fans speculate what Angelina Jolie’s new middle finger tattoos may be

Angelina Jolie has inked her middle fingers with new tattoos, and fans are chiming in on what they think the body art means.

On Tuesday (22 August), the 48-year-old’s tattoo artist posted a photo of the new work that Jolie had on her two fingers, only the actual design was blurred out. “Still can’t believe I actually grabbed her hand and tattooed her. Guess what she got on her palm?” her tattoo artist, Mr K, captioned his Instagram post.

The tattoo artist - whose real name is Keith Scott McCurdy - is based in New York City and works at the Bang Bang studio in lower Manhattan. He is known for his work on celebrities such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, LeBron James, Miley Cyrus, and more. McCurdy is also responsible for Doja Cat’s bat skeleton on her back, which fans thought made the singer seem like she worshipped the devil, according to a Page Six report.

Many fans flooded Mr K’s comment section, offering their best guesses for what design Jolie had permanently inked on her middle fingers. “Frick. Off,” one individual guessed, while another said: “Left: Man. Right: Snatcher.”

Some viewers thought the ink might include references to her children, or that the blurred-out image was the tattoo itself.

Some people pointed to her love life as potential inspiration for the new tattoos. One person thought the tattoos were a “warning label for prospective suitors”, and other fans guessed the ink had something to do with her ex-husband, Brad Pitt.

“F*** Brad,” one follower wrote, while another commented: “Had A Brad/Time.”

Jolie and Pitt, 59, started dating in 2005 - nine years before they tied the knot. The former couple share six kids, who became the subject of a lengthy custody battle following their divorce in 2016.

Aside from the many comments attempting to guess what design was drawn on Jolie, some people gushed over Mr K’s incredible opportunity to be in the presence of the Maleficent star. “I’d never wash my hands again,” one fan noted.

“Even her hands are gorgeous,” another person added.

Paprazzi photos, captured earlier this week, revealed the celebrity’s new ink to have absolutely nothing to do with her ex-husband. Jolie was caught with her palms up, and contrary to the speculation, her middle finger appeared to be tattooed with a drawing of a dagger made to look like it’s puncturing her skin.

Among Jolie’s notable tattoos is the intricate artwork that covers her upper back, spanning from one shoulder blade to the other. Additionally, she’s paid homage to her past relationships with small tattoos - including the name of her previous husband, Billy Bob Thorton. The Mr & Mrs Smith star has since removed the ink - a dragon with the word “Billy Bob” written above it - but did the same thing again when she and Pitt opted for matching Buddhist tattoos.

As of 1 June, the former couple continue to fight each other in court over there previously shared winery in the south of France. Pitt initially filed the lawsuit in 2022, as they both had considerable interest in 1,200-acre estate. Jolie’s previous investment firm, Nouvel, recently filed new documents accusing Pitt of “looting” the Provence property.