Fans 'Shocked' by More Resurfaced Footage of Kanye West's Wife Bianca Censori Delivering a Lecture

Bianca Censori at Marni RTW Fall 2024 as part of Milan Ready to Wear Fashion Week held on February 23, 2024 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Swan Gallet/WWD via Getty Images)

Resurfaced footage of Bianca Censori has some fans shocked to learn more about the woman who became Kanye West’s wife in late 2022.

The Australian architect has intrigued many members of the public with the various fashion choices she has made in recent months. The “Gold Digger” rapper declared in January that his wife would go with “no pants” this year, a mission she has largely stuck to through several bold fashion statements. The trend has raised concern among some observers, including members of Censori’s family.

Few fans know much about the 29-year-old model outside of her relationship with West. But a video clip from the CFS Summit in Paris that was recorded in December 2022 recently resurfaced, giving people insight into how Censori’s voice sounded. Days later, another video clip, also from 2022, provided more information about Censori and her work.

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The Malta-based news outlet Lovin Malta shared the clip in question on social media on Sunday, March 31. The publication identified the clip as being from a Zoom lecture that Censori delivered as a University of Malta guest speaker alongside one other presenter in 2022.

The subject of Censori’s presentation was primitive futurism. She opened the lecture with a quotation from Alberto Caeiro that read, “to eat a fruit is to know its meaning.”

“We invite you to allow these words to linger in your mind as we present our ideology to you,” Censori said before diving into her lecture. Her Australian accent, which some fans were hearing for the first time, was clear in the video.

Watch the video!

One fan wrote on Instagram that they were “shocked” to hear part of Censori’s lecture.

“Oh she can speak,” another wrote in apparent surprise.

Some fans addressed Censori’s shift in appearance since the 2022 lecture, with one noting, “She used to wear clothes back then.” Another person defended Censori’s fashion choices, writing that the architect is “a VERY SMART LADY” and “knows exactly what she’s doing.”

“She definitely has a mind of her own and I don’t think in no way shape or form is Kanye ‘making’ her wear these outfits,” they added.

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