Fans obsess over Jacob Elordi smelling his Saltburn bathwater candle

Fans obsess over Jacob Elordi smelling his Saltburn bathwater candle

Fans have fawned over Jacob Elordi’s willingness to sniff his personal bathwater candle inspired by his new movie, Saltburn.

On 18 January, the Australian actor appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where he discussed his role in director Emerald Fennell’s most recent movie. Film viewers were left enamored by his assumption of the alluring English University student, Felix, who attracts the attention of Barry Keoghan’s character, Oliver.

In the two-hour thriller, Oliver becomes increasingly obsessed with Felix, leading to the infamous bathtub scene, where he drinks leftover drain water from the bath Felix pleasured himself in.

But while viewers experienced discomfort from the intimate footage, the film moment went viral on social media, with some TikTokers taking videos of their reactions watching the scene.

On The Tonight Show, Fallon presented the Priscilla lead with the famed Saltburn souvenir – the Jacob Elordi bathwater candle.

“There is a bathtub scene, and it inspired people to release ‘Jacob Elordi Bathwater’ candles,” the host said as Elordi’s cheeks flushed. “Have you seen these at all?”

The 26-year-old Hollywood star admitted his Priscilla co-star, Cailee Spaeny, had shown him videos of people with the candles. “I want to know who’s making the money,” Elordi added.

Fallon and The Kissing Booth star joked about how he should be “loaded” for all the fans making and selling the scented gift.

“I thought it would be kind of fun to have you... Do you want to smell your own candle?” Fallon asked.

Elordi grabbed the candle off Fallon’s desk and brought it close to his nose, mimicking the motions Keoghan had made during the scene with his mouth.

He noted: “Smells like a washing room, like detergent. Yeah, I guess it’s not bad. Yeah, I like it.”

Admirers flocked to the comments section below an Instagram clip of the show, confessing their love for the actor and indicating their interest in owning the candle.

“He’s iconic for that,” one viewer wrote, while another commented: “Wow he really gave the people what they want in that moment.”

“Dude slurped the candle like he was trying to win the danimals Sweet life of Zack and Cody sweepstakes,” a third quipped.

One woman remarked: “Play this at my funeral.”

Others pointed out how the candle scent has now evolved into a cocktail.

“It inspired someone to create a drink,” a superfan noted.