Fans Are Freaking Out Over Billie Eilish's Brand New Neon Red Hair

Fans Are Freaking Out Over Billie Eilish's Brand New Neon Red Hair

Arguably, Billie Eilish's most infamous beauty look came to us circa summer of 2019. And if, unlike me, you're not a walking, talking bank of celebrity hairspo, the look was her green rooted 'do with jet-black ends. The more you know!

Now resurrecting that same style just a few years later, Billie has returned to all we know her to be with a red take on her classic hairstyle. Enter: Gemini Bills.

In an Instagram, Billie debuted newly-dyed fiery red roots. The ends of her hair have been kept their trademark jet-black color and styled up in two space buns. To caption the post, Billie wrote: "remember me?"

And to that, we say: How could we forget?!

As previously mentioned, this two-toned style is known as the "Gemini" hair trend on TikTok, which inherited its namesake from its dual color palette. (Much like a Gemini, the look has two different sides to it.)

Technicalities aside, to no surprise, fans freaked out when coming across the post, taking to the comments section to share their thoughts. Read a select few of our favorite reactions below:


"No I wanted to do this! Now everyone is gonna say I copied you"

"no way im going to see redillie irl"


"Huuuuh is this real??

"are u JOKING 🔥"


"New era unlocked 🔓"

So, I guess one could say that Billie is, once again, in her Gemini era—and we love to see it. Gemini may be an air sign, but this look is pure flames.

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