Fans defend Anne Hathaway after she appears to ‘ignore’ Priyanka Chopra at fashion event

Anne Hathaway fans have defended the Devil Wears Prada star after a viral video purported to show her skipping over Priyanka Chopra Jonas to greet Zendaya at Bulgari’s fashion event in Italy.

Hathway, Zendaya, and Chopra Jonas all arrived at the Palazzo Ducale in Venice, Italy, on 16 May to celebrate the launch of Bulgari’s new jewellery collection. The three stars – who are also Bulgari ambassadors – posed for photos together, each wearing dazzling Bulgari necklaces.

In a TikTok video shared by Harper’s Bazaar France, the Princess Diaries star is seen walking in front of photographers to greet the Euphoria actor. Chopra Jonas, who is standing beside Zendaya, watches and smiles as the two exchange cheek kisses. The three brand ambassadors appear to compliment each other’s stunning gowns before snapping pictures with Bulgari CEO, Jean-Christophe Babin.

Despite the pleasantries, many viewers assumed Hathaway had snubbed Chopra Jonas in favour of Zendaya at the fashion event. As some people claimed Hathaway “ignored” the Citadel star, others chimed in to defend the Ocean’s 8 actor.

“Why didn’t she greet Priyanka lol,” commented one TikTok user.

“She totally ignored her,” another said.

“Priyanka waited for her hug,” a third person wrote.

However, many users in the comments explained that Zendaya arrived late to the fashion event and Hathaway had already said hello to Chopra Jonas.

“She didn’t ignore her. Zendaya arrived later than they did,” said one person.

“There’s another post of the three of them. They all look fine,” wrote someone else.

“Guys. Priyanka Chopra and Anne Hathaway already greeted each other earlier,” another TikToker said. “Please don’t throw hate towards Anne Hathaway.”

Hathaway attended the launch of Bulgari’s Mediterranea High Jewellery collection wearing a gold and silver ombre high-slit gown from Atelier Versace. The sparkling gown, which she paired with a pink bejeweled joker from Bulgari’s collection, featured an attached hood.

Zendaya arrived wearing a black custom Richard Quinn gown with off-the-shoulder sleeves. She styled her hair in a slicked-back bun and accessorised the look with a silver snake necklace from Bulgari.

Meanwhile, Chopra Jonas opted for a pink cropped long-sleeve bodice and floor-length skirt, along with a matching pink necklace.

This isn’t the first time fans have defended Anne Hathaway after she was accused of being “rude” on the red carpet. Earlier this month, a resurfaced interview showed the Ella Enchanted star declining a journalist’s inquiry about a conversation she had with Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.

The interview, which took place at ELLE magazine’s Women in Hollywood event last October, came after Hathaway sat next to Wintour at the Michael Kors New York Fashion Week show.

When asked whether she and Wintour had ever spoken about the 2006 film The Devil Wears Prada – in which Meryl Streep plays Miranda Priestly, a character modelled after Wintour – Hathaway confirmed they had.

However, when the reporter pushed for information about what the legendary Vogue editor has “shared”, Hathaway replied: “Why would I tell you?” before laughing loudly.

The interviewer said: “Because I’m a fan and I need to know.”

“No, but you weren’t there,” Hathaway said, shaking her head slightly. The interviewer said they “respected” Hathaway’s decision not to divulge her and Wintour’s interaction, and the actor thanked her.