Sinister moment caught on woman's Facebook Live

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A woman’s live makeup tutorial has been interrupted by an intruder, with fans calling the police after witnessing the ordeal.

Suzanne Somers, who starred in sitcom Three’s Company, was doing a makeup tutorial via Facebook Live from her California home Friday night when she heard a noise.

Somers was expecting guests to arrive for dinner after the tutorial but questioned what the sound was.

Her husband who was filming the video reassures her it’s just a frog making the noise.

“I just heard a person,” Somers says.

She then looks off camera and speaks to a man who tells her he was “terrified”.

At first she believes the man might be a dinner guest but soon realises this is not the case.

Somers asks why he was in her home.

“There were ghosts following me,” the intruder says.

Suzanne Somers is pictured.
Suzanne Somers was doing a makeup tutorial from her house when an intruder interrupted. Source: Facebook/ Suzanne Somers

He chuckles and she asks who he is. He provides a name and Somers then asks how he got into her house.

“OK. You shouldn’t be here,” she tells him.

“I’m not used to people being on our property.”

He apologises and Somers gives him directions to follow to get out.

“You seem like a very nice person but you shouldn’t be here,” she says.

He’s led away and Somers says, “I’m kind of shocked by that”.

A fan watching the stream called the police, Fox News reported.

Somers told Page Six the man was “almost naked” and was wearing just his togs.

She added the man “obviously got lost” and was “very odd” but not threatening.

The man was reportedly spoken to by police who told him he couldn’t go into other people’s homes. It’s not clear if he was charged with an offence.

Somers’ home is also difficult to get to as it sits on 11 hectares.

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