Family's warning after dog fatally electrocuted while walking on the street

WARNING – DISTRESSING CONTENT: A family has warned people after their dog was fatally electrocuted on an evening walk.

Lynn McDermott, from Florida in the US, took the family’s Great Pyrenees dog Charlie for a walk on Saturday night after a rain shower.

Charlie stepped onto a metal man hole cover and immediately collapsed.

“He just started convulsing and shaking,” Mr McDermott told local outlet WFLA.

“I put my hand down to try and grab his tail and my hand touched the top of the grate, and it jolted me and at that moment I knew he was being electrocuted.”

Lynn and Debbie McDermott with dog Charlie (pictured left to right). Source: Facebook/LynnMcDermott

“He was foaming, started to foam at the mouth and at that time I knew it was pretty much too late.”

Mr McDermott called emergency services and while CPR was administered, Charlie died.

The local council, the City of Sarasota said that a burnt wire contacted the manhole lid making it electrified, Fox 13 reported.

“I tried CPR on Charlie, but at that point it was too late,” Ms McDermott Fox13.

Charlie was electrocuted on a man hole cover (pictured). Source: WFLA
Charlie, the Great Pyrenees dog (pictured) died. Source: WFLA

“Nationwide, everyone needs to be aware that this manhole cover or something has potential live current or voltage coming through it,” Mr McDermott said.

“There has to be something put into place protecting the public from outside, whether it’s human or canine.”