'Could've been worse': Family's horrific find in 'jammed' dryer

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A family thought their dryer's motor was jammed after the appliance stopped working, but upon closer inspection they were terrified to find a snake had made its way inside.

The Pring family, from Florida, had recently started to notice an excessive amount of lint on their clothes when they came out the dryer.

When they called in Sea Star Air and Appliances to check out the dryer over the weekend the repairman, Darrell Cobble, thought it would be a simple-fix job.

The family's laundry room.
The Pring family was not expecting to find a snake in their dryer. Source: News 6

Alyson Pring said Mr Cobble had a look at the dryer and said it was likely something was jammed in the motor. Soon enough, he figured out what was jamming the machine.

“He just stands up and he walks off. He’s like, ‘There’s a dead snake in there,’” Ms Pring told local news outlet News 6.

The snake was already dead when Mr Cobble found it.

Images shared with News 6 show the snake coiled up in the dryer.

A snake is pictured tangled in the dryer's mechanism.
A snake was caught in the Pring family's dryer. Source: News 6

Mr Cobble admitted, this is not something you would usually find in a dryer, as they usually have a grate to prevent things from getting in the motor, but the snake found a way, because the Pring family didn't have one.

The Pring family told the news station they would be a bit more cautious from now on.

“It could’ve been much worse," Ms Pring said.

Snake found in teenage girl's asthma puffer

It's not the first time a snake has been found in an unexpected location in a family home.

Earlier this month, a highly-venomous discovery was made inside a Queensland teenage girl’s asthma puffer.

The girl was doing chores at her home in Bli Bli, a suburb on the Sunshine Coast, when she noticed a dark coloured snake slink out of the laundry basket she’d just brought inside.

A red-bellied black snake curled up inside an asthma inhaler.
Snake catchers found a baby red-bellied black snake curled up inside a teen's asthma inhaler. Source: Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers

The surprised teen called the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers for help and after searching the house, they found a baby red-bellied black snake curled up inside her asthma inhaler.

“You would not believe this,” the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers wrote on Facebook.

“This is crazy and we’re super lucky we were able to find the snake.

“It’s one of the most incredible places we have ever found a snake before.”

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