Family's freaky Friday 13th encounter with 'zombie cat'

A family thought they were living a Friday the 13th horror story when their pet cat appeared to come back to life hours after burying it in their yard.

After their beloved two-year-old tuxedo kitty Maverik had gone missing for two days, the family assumed the dead black-and-white cat they found lying on the street outside their home on Thursday was their pet.

The sad Gobel family gave the cat a proper burial and laid it to rest in their backyard, next to the mint trees Maverick liked to play among.

But in the early hours of Friday 13th, CJ Gobel received the fright of his life to see Maverick jumping through the window of his home.

The Gobel family assumed the dead black-and-white cat they found near their property on Thursday was their pet. Source: KUTV

“My heart immediately stopped and I turned ghost white. I thought it came back from the dead,” the Utah teen told KUTV Salt Lake City.

The family checked the dirt where the feline was buried, and found the grave untouched. The more logical explanation was they buried someone else’s pet, rather than having encountered a zombie cat.

CJ said the apparent mistaken identity “was an honest mistake”, as the deceased kitty had the same black and white markings as his very much alive pet.

The family is now hoping to find the owners of the cat whose remains lay in their Bountiful backyard to break the sad news and bring them closure about their own missing kitty.