'Absolutely disgusting': Family's filthy car takes seven hours to clean

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

The interior of an “absolutely disgusting” family car has been completely transformed in a lengthy ordeal requiring some heavy-duty elbow grease over the course of seven hours.

Seats inside the Mazda were coated in a thick layer of rubbish, food crumbs and dirt, while old wrappers and lollies littered the floor when it was handed over to Proline Automotive to be cleaned on Wednesday.

“It smelt like a tip. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have to walk away because of the smell a few times,” owner of the Blue Mountains cleaning company Patrick Hair told Yahoo News Australia.

“It was definitely not what I was expecting to walk into that day.”

Rubbish, dirt and food scraps covered the carpet and the seats in the back of the car. Source: Proline Automotive

Mr Hair suspected the chunks of rotten food he encountered throughout fabric parts of the interior had remained inside the vehicle for “quite some time”, contributing to the horrible stench.

“Generally we would be able to finish cleaning the inside and outside of a car in one day, but the inside of this one took me all day,” Mr Hair.

“It’s a lengthy amount of time to spend on just one car.”

When the tough job was completed though, Mr Hair said it was rewarding to know the car was safe to be used again.

“It was great to stand back and see it clean and not looking terrible anymore. There was a sense of achievement when it was finally finished.”

The back seats wear smeared in sticky, brown stains. Source: Proline Automotive

Photos of the transformation were shared to Facebook and attracted comments from mortified members of the public.

“That is absolutely disgusting have they never cleaned their car?,” one person said.

“Yeah that's bloody ordinary,” another wrote.

Mr Hair said a car yard had contracted him to clean the vehicle after it was traded in, so the vehicle was currently not actually in use.

He explained the seats and carpets had to be shampooed and extracted several times before the sticky substances were removed.

This was the result after a seven-hour cleaning effort. Source: Proline Automotive

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