Family wins lotto jackpot with late father's numbers

A Melbourne family who used their late father’s regular Lotto numbers “to honour him” has won more than $400,000.

The Heidelberg West family’s syndicate won the division-one prize at the weekend’s Tatts Lotto draw.

They played the numbers always used by their late father so the win had a special meaning, a family spokesperson said.

“It’s a family syndicate, there are 11 of us and they are actually my father’s numbers,” the syndicate leader said.

A Melbourne family have won more than $400,000 by playing their late father’s favourite numbers. Source: Tatts Lotto

“He passed away about two years ago, but we kept playing them to honour him.

“He’d been playing them for years and years before that too so I’m quite excited we’ve finally had a win.”

The total winning prize amount for the family was $405,890.35.

When asked how she planned to spend her share of the windfall, the syndicate leader confessed she still could not comprehend the win.

“This was the last thing I expected when I answered the phone this morning,” she said.

“I’m sure we will have some sort of family party to celebrate the win.”

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