Family watch as their 'surfboard factory' goes up in flames

A devastated Sydney family has watched their ‘surfboard factory’ disintegrate right in front of them following a rampant fire.

Sam Parker, his family and many in the surf community of Collaroy have been left mourning the loss of the business which was renowned across the Northern Beaches.

“I got into this business not for the money but because I love the sports, all the water sports is what we do,” Mr Parker said.

The fire ripped through the factory, destroying everything inside. Source: 7News
Owner Sam Parker has been left devastated over the fire. Source: 7News

“It’s one big family, we are close, we all surf together on our time off and hang out,” employee Jordan McDonald added.

A resident called triple zero shortly before 8pm on Thursday after thick smoke and fire was seen inside the factory walls.

While emergency crews had no hope of saving it, they were faced with saving 100 residents living dangerously close to the flames.

Fire fighters were quickly on the scene, forcing their way in through the front roller doors.

There was a huge response from fire crews in the Northern Beaches and the Inner West. Source: 7News
The devastating damage caused by the fire. Source: 7News

Despite the huge response of 14 fire trucks, the popular water sport’s store was destroyed.

“They’ve come from all over the Northern suburbs and then we backfilled from the Inner West,” Fire and Rescue NSW’s Michael Forbes said of the huge response.

Crews managed to save neighbouring properties including Ken Taylor’s home.

Although he admits it was close, he turned to the garden hose for protection.

The majority of the damage will be covered by Mr Parker’s insurance. Source; 7News

“There is only a metre between our house and the factory so as soon as we got out we grabbed hoses,” he explained.

The surfboards, the sporting equipment and even the building can be replaced yet for Mr Parker and his family it’s the 15 years of blood, sweat and tears that can’t

Their only small consolation is that the insurance company will cover most of the cost.

“It just tears you up,” Mr Parker said.

Investigators are now trying to establish if a power surge was responsible for causing the fire.