Family's desperate search 20 years after man vanished from barbecue

Almost twenty years have passed since Andrew Dymott walked out of a family barbecue in Melbourne, never to be seen again.

But his heartbroken relatives are still holding out hope.

Sitting in the backyard of his sister’s Mt Eliza home on January 10, 1999, the then 26-year-old said he was going to duck down to the shops.

That was the last time they would ever see Andy.

His sister, Rachel Grace, told News Corp she and her brothers had an extremely happy childhood and there was no conflict on the day he vanished.

The 26-year-old has not been heard from since January 10, 1999. Source: Facebook/Help Find Any Dymott
(Left) Andrew Dymott with his two nieces and (right) a photo widely circulated after his disappearance. Source: Facebook/Help Find Any Dymott

“We have gone through that day over and over in our minds, looking for clues we might have missed,” she said, adding that he had been receiving treatment for a mental illness in the months before his disappearance.

“We constantly look back and question ourselves, anguishing over details and possible signs he gave, but there’s really nothing.”

Despite a handful of reported sightings over the years, the disappearance of the qualified electrician is still a mystery to his friends, family and authorities.

Mrs Grace said her heartbroken parents, Jenny and Steve Dymott, have refused to ever move house out of fear Andrew will one day return and not know how to contact them.

“At the time he went missing we had another possible sighting of Andrew living in temporary accommodation in Melbourne and my husband, brother Miles, my father and a group of (Andy’s) friends searched high and low,” Mrs Grace added.

His parents Jenny and Steve Dymott light candles in honour of their missing son. Source: Facebook/Help Find Any Dymott

She said her eldest daughter shares a birthday with her missing brother, making it a bittersweet occasion every year.

A Facebook page dedicated to finding Andy last year shared a series of moving images of his parents lighting a candle as part of a campaign aimed at raising awareness of all long-term missing persons.

“Mum and Dad lighting a candle for Andy. If everyone could leave a porch light on to lead our missing loved ones home it would mean so much,” the post read.

Andy, who is now 45-years-old, has green eyes, brown hair, is 180cm tall and has a medium build with a fair complexion.

If you have information that may assist police to locate Andrew please call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.