Family 'left broken' after single father plunged to his death in quarry accident

The family of a man who died after his truck tipped over the edge of a Perth quarry has been ‘left broken’ by his sudden death.

Andrew Herd, 44, died last week when the dump truck he was driving tipped into a pit at Redhill quarry.

The single father leaves behind his daughter, who is about to turn 13, in the care of Mr Herd’s sister.

A family friend has set up a GoFundMe page to assist with funeral costs and to help financially support his daughter, Maddie and his grieving family who have been “left completely broken.”

"She (Maddie) is now left with nothing but his belongings and her memories,” the statement on the site reads.

Mr Herd and his sister were described as “best mates” and a “team” who lived under the same roof so they could raise Maddie with her three cousins.

Andrew Herd (right) with his 'pride and joy' daughter Maddie (left). Source: GoFundMe

Hollie Mazzucchelli, who set up the fundraising page, said that while the family are coming to terms with the tragedy, they shouldn’t have to worry about money.

“I can see that four children in one house, things are going to get tough,” she said.

Ms Mazzucchelli adds that the Herd family are “selfless” and would never ask for a handout.

“It’s never been the amount of money they had, it’s always the amount of love and memories that can be made,” she said.

At the time of publication the page had raised more than $4,500 toward its $10,000 goal to “cover the costs of Andrew’s memorial and to help raise and assist the daughter and family left behind.”

The page ends with a heartbreaking reminder – “Please hug your families tight. Never take advantage for one minute what you have around you.”

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