'A kick in the guts': Family heartbreak over boy’s memorial being stolen

A heartbroken family is pleading for thieves to stop targeting the roadside memorial left for their little boy who died in a car accident in the NSW Blue Mountains.

Logan Woodyatt, 11, died when a driver high on ice crashed the car he was travelling in on the Bells Line of Road at Bilpin two years ago.

But Logan’s roadside memorial has been targeted by heartless thieves. A cross was stolen in April just before the ice-fuelled driver Michelle Currey was jailed.

Logan’s devastated family replaced the cross on Mother’s Day.

They have had to make two trips to Bilpin to replace the memorial – the first time just days ago on Mother’s Day and the second on Wednesday.

The family of a little boy who was killed in a car accident in Bilpin is appealing for thieves to leave the roadside memorial honouring him alone. Source: 7 News

The little boy’s aunt, Bec Girling, said the theft of the cross was “a kick in the guts to Logan” and his family.

“Who would take someone’s cross?” she said.

“The cross is gone. One minute it’s there, the next minute it’s gone.”

The family has managed to obtain CCTV from a local flower shop with cameras pointed at the cross but they said it does not show the moment it was taken.

Logan Woodyatt died when the driver of the car he was in crashed while under the influence of drugs. Source: 7 News

Logan’s family said they also have approval from local police and council to place a roadside memorial at the location.

They added it does not matter how many times somebody takes it down, they will keep putting it back.

“It’s not hurting anyone, it’s not offensive. It’s blue and white, it’s for Logan, his favourite colours, his favourite football team colours,” Ms Girling said.

A family member brings a replacement cross for Logan’s roadside memorial. Source: 7 News