'I was screaming': Family dog battles huge brown snake in front of terrified owner

A beloved family dog has been filmed going head to head with a deadly brown snake in the front yard of their SA home.

Teresa Barnden was working on a lemon tree in the front yard of her Truro home, north of Adelaide, last week when she heard some commotion coming from the other end of their property.

She found her nine-year-old Japanese hunting dog going head to head with a deadly eastern brown snake.

“I screamed like there was no tomorrow,” she told Yahoo7 News.

The Shiba inu named Chardy instinctively went after the metre-long snake, dragging it back into the centre of the lawn as it desperately attempts to escape.

Chardy sizes up her opponent. Image: Facebook/Teresa Barden

For more than two minutes the pair traded blows, with the snake’s efforts to defend itself doing little to deter Chardy, who continued to bound across the yard sinking her teeth in again and again.

As their security cameras show, eventually Chardy’s natural hunting instincts win out and it’s game over for the venomous reptile.

“I was screaming at her to leave it alone, but in the end I just had to sit back and watch,” Ms Barnden added.

“By the end she had pretty much made mince meat of it… she had decided to rub the side of her face and neck in it, so I wasn’t sure if it was her blood or the snake’s.”

Not waiting for Chardy to start showing symptoms, Ms Barnden bundled her into the car and raced down to the local vet where she was given anti-venom before spending the next four hours on intravenous fluids.

Fore more than two minutes Chardy and the snake went head to head. Images: Facebook/Teresa Barden

“He [the vet] didn’t think that her eyes were dilated enough,” she said, revealing that Chardy had two small dots on her nose that resembled a snake bite.

“Her whole body except her snout is covered in a double furcoat so if it tried to bite elsewhere, I don’t think it would penetrate.

“Vets have always struggled finding skin for injections.”

Now back home and fighting fit, the only thing Chardy has to be scared of is Adelaide’s intermittent weather.

“It’s thundering and lightning and she’s crapping her dacks under my desk – 4am ugh,” Ms Barnden wrote.

“Brave enough to take on a snake but a bit of thunder she’s scared as! GO figure.”