Aussie couple's devastating news just weeks after getting engaged

After being together since they were teenagers, Sydney man Ryan Floyd, 25, finally asked his girlfriend Georgia Wade, 24, to marry him.

His future mother-in-law, Karen Wade, said he did the right thing by asking for her permission before popping the question, and she couldn't have asked for a better son-in-law.

About a month later, Ryan and Georgia broke the news she was going to be a grandmother when they gifted her a wrapped-up pregnancy test.

However, just a few short weeks after discovering their exciting news, Ryan became so ill he stayed home from work. The next day he told Karen he just had a persistent headache and buzzing in his ears.

Georgia, an ICU nurse, insisted he go to the doctor. Later that night the family was sitting around the table for dinner and Ryan, a laidback guy, thought no news was good news.

Pictured Ryan Floyd and Georgia Wade at the gender reveal party.
Ryan Floyd was diagnosed with glioblastoma, just after he and Georgia became engaged and announced they were having a baby girl. Source: Supplied

Ryan receives shocking diagnosis

When the phone eventually rang, Ryan was told something had shown up in the tests. He was told to go back to the doctor the next day and to bring someone with him.

Three growths had been found on his brain, the doctor told Ryan and Georgia he had to go straight to the emergency room at St George Hospital in Sydney for more scans.

Ryan was told he has glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer.

The surgeons were able to remove about 95 per cent of one of the large tumours, however, the other two tumours cannot be operated on.

Because he's young, the doctors are going to be as aggressive as the cancer is, Karen told Yahoo News Australia, so Ryan will need to undergo weeks of radiation therapy.

Pictured is Ryan with his fiancé, Georgia
One of the tumours was operated on, though the other two are inoperable. Source: Supplied

Family taking each day as it comes

Karen considers Ryan to be her son and was ecstatic when he proposed to Georgia.

"He's just an amazing, amazing man," Karen said.

"I couldn't ask for anyone more beautiful than Ryan to take my daughter's hand in marriage."

The diagnosis came at a time of celebration for Ryan, given he was set to marry Georgia and the two are expecting a baby in March next year.

The Saturday after the tumours were discovered, Ryan and Georgia were meant to buy their first home. Those plans have since been put on hold.

"They were looking at starting a life together in their first home, and in a way, thank God it didn't go ahead because [the home] would be another added stress," Karen said.

Pictured is Ryan and his dog and him and Georgia announcing the pregnancy
Karen Wade describes Ryan as an "amazing" person and is thrilled he will be marrying her daughter, Georgia. Source: Supplied

While Karen says he is a little lost, she is optimistic Ryan will make it through.

She doesn't want people to ask about "how long" he has, or have people rattle off statistics related to glioblastoma.

Under Karen's roof, they all live in the moment and move forward. Throughout it all, Ryan has remained positive.

"There's never a negative word to come out of his mouth," Karen said.

"He just wants to get back on to living and be there for Georgia and his little girl and we just want to do everything we can to make sure we have the money to get whatever he needs to get him through this."

Georgia was quite literally by Ryan's side while he was in the hospital following his operation.

Karen said her daughter was in disbelief that the first time she would see her partner at her work would be when he is a patient.

"Well, you know what he was in the best hands," she said.

Pictured is Georgia Wade and Ryan Floyd
Georgia Wade looked after Ryan while he was in hospital following his surgery. Source: Supplied

Thousands raised to help dad-to-be beat cancer

Just days ago, a GoFundMe was set up to help Ryan fight the cancer without needing to worry about finances. Already more than $74,000 has been raised.

Initially, Georgia and Ryan didn't want any sort of fundraising effort, but Karen and Ryan's brother, Adam, got together and convinced them.

Given the number of flower bouquets Karen had received, she knew there would be people out there willing to help out and give to a good cause.

Ryan has an incredible group of friends, who Karen says have all rallied around him and done what they can to help them raise the money.

"They're very overwhelmed. He gave me a massive cuddle this morning and said, 'Kaz, I just can't believe it' and I said, 'Ryan, don't ever underestimate how much you are loved," Karen said.

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