Families reveal the shocking cause of the huge cracks in their walls

Residents living next to parts of the WestConnex project claim construction work is destroying their homes.

Homeowners say cracks started appearing in their properties in November 2015, just as construction started on the M5 at King George's Road 30 metres away.

As their houses are moving off their foundations, families are now at breaking point with nobody taking responsibility.

Residents are furious after their homes began to fall apart from 2015. Source: 7News
Christine Wong Wan Po and her partner have had to close off parts of their home as its deemed unsafe. Source: 7News

"[The State Government] said it's not their fault, it's got nothing to do with them," resident Christine Wong Wan Po said.

"Our house has been fine up until the day works started."

Residents are now threatening to sue the State Government as some rooms in the affected houses are becoming out of bounds.

They believe the cracks are down to West Connex roadworks. Source: 7News

"Nobody is allowed in this room because we don't know when the limestone will come off the wall," Ms Wong Wan Po revealed.

Other residents share the same disbelief.

"We've spent all of our lives working for these homes and what are they worth now?" next door neighbour John English said.

The homes are just 30 metres from where work is being done. Source: 7News

Both families have been quoted $250,000 to repair the foundations.

Mr English's wife Kathryn is currently battling breast cancer and has had to return to work to cover the costs.

"A few days after starting chemo I went back to work I cancelled my sick leave so I've been forced to work ever since," she said.

Both families have home owner's insurance but the insurance companies refuse to cover the damage because they say it's been caused by the road works.

Kathryn has had to return to work despite having cancer. Source: 7News

The resident's are now considering taking the Government to court.

Sydney Motorway Corporation says an independent assessment found "no damage was caused as a result of this project".

The Corporation has claimed the damage has been caused by moisture variations in the highly-reactive clay soil the properties are built on.

But Mr English is not convinced.

"We've got to take on Westconnex, they're the people who deisgned that road and moved the roadway drainage 15 metres closer to our homes."