Falls the most common hospital injury

Falling over is the most common reason Australians end up in the hospital emergency department being treated for injuries, with the elderly particularly vulnerable.

Falls equated to 41 per cent of hospitalised injuries in 2014-15, research compiled and released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare on Wednesday shows.

Falls were followed by "exposure to inanimate mechanical forces" (14 per cent) - such as being struck by sporting equipment, glass or knives - and transport crashes at 12 per cent, which were more common amongst males.

In 2014-15 almost 200,000 people were hospitalised after a fall, out of more than 480,000 injuries.

Injuries from accidental poisoning and assault fell during the year.

Men and boys suffered the majority of injuries, with the most dangerous age being from 20-24.

For women the most likely age to be injured was over 85.

Australians over 65 accounted for nearly a third of injuries, most of which were falls.