Falling fruit leads to man’s horrific eye injury

WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT: A man has suffered serious injuries to his eye after a giant fruit fell from a tree and knocked him out.

The 54-year-old, from Malaysia, lost vision in his right eye and was knocked unconscious for five minutes after a 3kg durian fell from a tree about 12 feet tall, according to medical journal Cureus.

His family rushed him to hospital.

“On examination, there were multiple puncture abrasions over the right cheek and forehead,” researchers wrote.

“He also sustained a right upper lid laceration.”

A CT scan of a man's head reveals an injury to his right eye.
The man's eye can be seen damaged here in this CT scan. Source: Cureus

The man was found to have an open globe injury to his right eye.

A CT scan was done of his skull and it found globe rupture and a posteriorly dislocated lens. He had no fractures though.

He underwent emergency surgery where a 3mm thorn was removed from his eye, the eye was washed out and the wound sewn up.

The man was given medication including steroid prednisone to assist with his recovery.

He was warned the eye could become inflamed further down the track but turned down further treatment.

A man is seen with lacerations to his eye and face after a durian fell on him from a tree.
The durian fell from a tree about 12 feet tall. Source: Cureus

Unfortunately, on follow up vision in the right eye remained weak. It was the same after he revisited six months later.

The researchers wrote there have only been four other reports of eye injuries from durian fruits.

Three of them involved people either resting or playing under trees.

The fruit itself is notorious for having a foul smell.

Novelist Anthony Burgess referred to the durian as smelling like “pig-excrement, turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock”.

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