Fall Out Boy look up to McEnroe


Fall Out Boy drew on tennis champion John McEnroe for their new album Pax-Am Days.

The US rockers accidentally recorded a whole album of songs after hanging out at Ryan Adams' Pax-Am studio over the summer.

And to represent the fun they had "playing really loud music", the band decided to put hot-headed US tennis star John McEnroe on the sleeve of their record, in the midst of one of his legendary fits of anger.

"Putting McEnroe on the cover was a conscious decision. I love tennis. I love the culture of it. I love the rivalries, how it's sometimes just you vs yourself, which is such a good metaphor for life," explained frontman Pete Wentz to MTV News.

"There's a line on the record, 'Johnny Mac punk/I've got enough fire for everyone'. I remember when John went over to Wimbledon and got called 'Yankee punk', I think there was a fistfight that happened in the press room over an answer to a question he was asked."

The band have already released a new album this year, the critically acclaimed Save Rock and Roll, after a three-year hiatus.

Wentz said the band felt a connection with John McEnroe and how he handled himself on the tennis court, in relation to how they fit into the music industry.

"There's something about that kind of passion and that kind of rage that we really drew on. It's sometimes how we feel in the world of pop music.

"Like, we have this rage and passion and we don't look exactly right, but here we are to make some noise," he said.