Falklands veterans visit islands after 42 years

Dean Lee and Tim Slann
Faklands War veterans said it was important to remember the conflict [Dean Lee and Tim Slann]

Falklands War veterans from Guernsey have said it is "important" to remember the conflict.

Dean Lee and Tim Slann returned to the islands in the Atlantic 42 years after the war between the UK and Argentina, sparked when the latter invaded.

A 74-day conflict led to the deaths of 649 Argentinians, 255 British and three islanders before Argentina surrendered.

Mr Slann said people sacrificed their lives for other's freedom and that must be remembered.

Speaking to BBC Radio Guernsey, Mr Slann, who was a marine engineer on HMS Intrepid, said islanders made them feel "very welcome" and thanked him and Mr Lee during their trip for what they did in 1982.

He said: "You've always got to remember because people have sacrificed lives for other people's freedom.

"And that's what the islanders remember, and they were just so grateful."

Mr Lee, a Royal Navy leading hand and plane captain with the Sea Harrier jump jets, said the visit took place after he and Mr Slann met the Falklands Island Games team last year.

He said the team wanted to speak to any veterans who were on Guernsey and it turned out to be an emotional moment.

Mr Lee said: "The lead physiotherapist said to me that I was the reason she here, because we won the war and she had a life.

"That hit me really hard."

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