Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp down for users around the world

Samuel Hussey
News Reporter

Facebook users are losing their minds over an global outage that has disrupted the service for a large part of the day.

According to Facebook’s status page , the outages started around 2am AEST on Wednesday. That page, which calls the problem a “partial outage,” states that Facebook has experienced “increased error rates” since that time.

Users around the world reported they were experiencing Facebook outages, with the social media juggernaut taking to Twitter to confirm the news.

Facebook did not say what was causing the outages, however they inisisted it was not due to a “distributed denial of service” or DDoS attack, a type of attack that hackers use to interrupt service to a site.

Facebook users reported experiencing outages on Thursday morning. Source: Getty

It didn’t stop there either, with Instagram and WhatsApp users also reporting difficulties sending and receiving messages, videos and photos.

“Major meltdown here in Perth within the last two hours,” one user wrote.

“Slowly got worse, can’t post to my own wall. Cant send pics or screenshots of anything to anyone.”

“Not working in Sydney Australia, hasn’t been for several hours now,” another wrote.

It didn’t take long for some rather hilarious suggestions on ways to survive the social media apocalypse.

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