F1 legend Mark Webber calls for increase in road speed limits

Australian Formula One legend Mark Webber believes our drivers could be more efficient if speed limits were increased.

Webber, who’s in Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix, told the Herald Sun Aussie drivers aren’t engaged with driving their cars due to low speed limits.

“If you drove from Sydney to Melbourne at 40km/h you would probably crash, you would fall asleep,” he told the Herald Sun. 

Mark Webber believes Aussie drivers might be more efficient is speed limits were increased by about 10 to 15 per cent. He’s pictured here prior to F1 testing in June, 2018 in Spielberg, Austria. Source: Getty Images

“But if you can go a little bit quicker — I’m saying 10 or 15 per cent quicker — maybe there is something there.”

He added drivers in Europe have to concentrate due to higher speed limits, and at low speeds drivers become more easily distracted.

Webber also believes increasing speed limits could also help clear congestion.

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