F1 Dutch Grand Prix 2023 LIVE! Race stream, result and latest updates as Max Verstappen win ninth in a row

F1 Dutch Grand Prix 2023 LIVE! Race stream, result and latest updates as Max Verstappen win ninth in a row

F1 Dutch Grand Prix LIVE!

Red Bull's Max Verstappen celebrated a record-equalling ninth successive Formula One victory on Sunday after winning a chaotic and rain-halted Dutch Grand Prix for the third year in a row. The home triumph from pole position at a soggy Zandvoort equalled now-retired Sebastian Vettel's 2013 streak of success and was Red Bull's 14th consecutive triumph and 13th of the season.

The race started dry before sudden rain caused chaos at the end of lap one, with another dry period followed by a torrential downpour that brought out red flags on the 65th of 72 laps with cars skidding off.

Fernando Alonso finished second for Aston Martin after the eventual rolling re-start with Pierre Gasly third for Alpine as Sergio Perez, Verstappen's team mate and closest title rival, collected a five-second penalty and dropped to fourth. Read back all of the action LIVE with Standard Sport’s dedicated race stream!

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16:51 , Alex Young

Read our race report here.

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16:29 , Alex Young

Alonso and Gasly complete the podium, with Perez finishing fourth.

Sainz held onto fifth ahead of Hamilton. Norris in seventh.

Verstappen wins!

16:28 , Alex Young

But here comes the winner, it’s Max Verstappen for NINE in a row for the hometown hero!

16:25 , Alex Young

But Norris is right behind Hamilton in the hunt for sixth, less than 0.3s between them.

16:24 , Alex Young

Hamilton is pushing for fifth spot now, about 0.4s behind Sainz.

16:23 , Alex Young

Russell just overtook Norris into sixth but half a lap later, he is out the race! A puncture for the Mercedes man, and that’s so rough on him.

16:20 , Alex Young

And we’re back underway! Everyone on inters, and we have five laps to go!

16:18 , Alex Young

“Very light” rain to come in eight minutes. Safety car still out, one lap down and one to go under their guidance.

16:16 , Alex Young

So, the order has been reshuffled and the cars are heading back through the pit lane.

16:14 , Alex Young

Right, it should be a safety car for two laps and then we are back underway.

16:06 , Alex Young

The race will resume at 5.14pm local time, so that’s in about eight minutes.

16:03 , Alex Young

The rain-drenched fans’ spirits have not been dampened. Looks like the rain has stopped. Hopefully not too long until the restart.

15:51 , Alex Young

No update yet. Everyone is just drying out and playing the waiting game.

15:44 , Alex Young

Good news for Perez as race control confirm the car number order for the restart will be: 1, 14, 11, 10, 55, 44, 4, 63, 23, 81, 31, 22, 18, 27, 77, 40, 20.

So Perez will be in third.

15:42 , Alex Young

The race will resume as it stands, but not for the time being.

15:38 , Alex Young

It is still chucking it down, and rain is expected to remain for “10 to 20 minutes”. Will we see the race conclude?

15:34 , Alex Young

Perez is now pitted but it’s a red flag! He is now stuck in the pit lane! He was in sixth when the race was stopped, what a strange decision to pit him.

15:32 , Alex Young

Virtual safety car now called with eight laps left. Zhou into the barriers, and thankfully he will be fine.

15:31 , Alex Young

Perez has spun out on turn one! Alonso flies into second and Perez corrects himself quickly enough to retain third spot.

It is absolutely throwing it down now, Perez had absolutely no grip.

15:29 , Alex Young

“This is going to be very very rain,” Alonso is told. “It’s massive.”

15:28 , Alex Young

Hamilton comes into the puts, along with Gasly, Russell, Norris and others. Everyone onto the intermediates? The rain is chucking it down now.

15:26 , Alex Young

Heart-in-mouth for Russell as he touches the grass under pressure from team-mate Hamilton, causing a big ol’ wobble but steers his way out of it.

Very impressive and soon lets Hamilton pass.

15:20 , Alex Young

Oh, hold on. More rain to come and it’s going to be heavy... that’s a change in the forecast! More pits to come.

15:18 , Alex Young

No, it hasn’t cost Alonso as he actually makes easy work of both Tsunoda and Sainz and returns to third.

Hamilton, in 11th, is just five seconds behind Tsunoda in eighth.

15:13 , Alex Young

Perez has pitted, and soon posts the quickest lap. Alonso moves up to second and is then pitted himself... and there is a mistake in the pit which loses Alonso five seconds!

He comes out behind Tsunoda and into fifth. Has that cost Alonso a podium finish?

15:09 , Alex Young

The line from Ferrari is that Leclerc was retired due to floor damage.

15:08 , Alex Young

Hamilton is in a great battle with Tsunoda for fifth place, tries once, twice and thrice to overtake but cannot quite find the gap.

15:04 , Alex Young

Leclerc has been pitted and now retired. Something is clearly very wrong with that car.

15:03 , Alex Young

Liam Lawson has just made Leclerc’s day even worse! He tries the overtake in the penultimate corner of lap 40 but narrowly misses out only to secure it at the second time of asking... but it doesn’t last long as Leclerc has DRS heading to the line and takes 15th place back.

15:00 , Alex Young

More rain to come to “five to 10 minutes”, but it is expected to be “light”.

14:59 , Alex Young

A superb move from Bottas as he goes the long way round Leclerc on the first corner of lap 39. He’s had a torrid day, the Ferrari man.

14:54 , Alex Young

Verstappen sits 4.5s and he sets a new fastest lap. Gasly is enjoying himself, meanwhile, as he looks to climb into third ahead of Alonso having started the day in 12th!

14:51 , Alex Young

Heading into lap 32 and “darker clouds are coming in,” according to the Red Bull pit wall.

14:46 , Alex Young

Norris is now back up into 10th. He started on the front row, it’s been that kind of race (unless you’re Verstappen).

14:45 , Alex Young

Hamilton is up to 12th after overtaking Leclerc, and then Piastri follows suit in the next corner.

14:38 , Alex Young

The safety car has gone in on lap 21... and Verstappen guides the pack around the final corner... and we’re back up and running! Perez keeps up with his team-mate but the title leader soon has a 0.7s lead.

14:34 , Alex Young

Safety car still on the track as we enter the 20th lap.

14:32 , Alex Young

Logan Sargeant is just sat on the grass. Poor bloke, must be absolutely gutted.

14:30 , Alex Young

Albon has still not pitted, sitting in eighth, the only driver not to. Everyone else has gone in at least twice by my count.

14:29 , Alex Young

Russell has gone back into the pits and changed onto... hard tyres? Ok. It’s a gamble and he needs one, languishing down in 18th.

14:27 , Alex Young

Sargeant is straight into the wall so it’s time for a safety car.

He’s OK, thankfully, and out of the car.

14:23 , Alex Young

Verstappen takes the lead, overtaking Perez. Why did Perez wait a further lap to change tyres onto the softs?

14:20 , Alex Young

Red Bull have called Verstappen in. That’ll be for softs.

14:20 , Alex Young

Hamilton finally pits, and goes for the dry tyres despite the incoming rain.

Mercedes must think the rain will be light enough to not be a concern.

Gasly, now third, goes onto the soft tyres and Norris and Ocon quickly follow suit.

14:16 , Alex Young

Carlos Sainz is reporting that Charles Leclerc has “ring wing damage”. We are on the 10th lap and it’s been such a hectic start!

14:15 , Alex Young

More rain is expected in “five to six” laps. The track is quickly drying.

14:14 , Alex Young

That didn’t take long, as Verstappen is up to second and now has Red Bull team-mate Sergio Perez ahead of him. The gap is 9.5s and narrowing fast.

14:13 , Alex Young

Verstappen is back on track and working his way up the field, clocking in the fastest lap so far. He currently sits third, but quickly closing in on Zhou Guanyu in second!

14:09 , Alex Young

Into the third lap and Verstappen and Alonso have come in to change onto the inters, leaving Russell to pass Norris and take the lead!

14:08 , Alex Young

Perez goes into the pit to change onto intermediates as the second lap starts.

Hamilton is the only driver on mediums and already struggling. He asks to come in but his team tell him to hold on.

14:06 , Alex Young

Verstappen holds off Norris to take the lead into the first corner and by the second he has a clear advantage.

Suddenly the heavens have opened and the track gets drenched. Verstappen holds a 0.6s advantage after one lap.

Lights out!

14:04 , Alex Young

Just as the rain starts to fall, we are up and running in Holland!

14:01 , Alex Young

The formation lap is underway.

13:52 , Alex Young

This techno-dance-classical-music medley is still going on near the start line.

There’s a race happening in eight minutes.

13:51 , Alex Young

Toto Wolff says Mercedes are expecting “25 minutes of rain”, covering the first part of the race.

Asked if that is bad news for Mercedes, he replies: “It’s the same for everyone.”

He’s not wrong.

13:47 , Alex Young

There is so much going on on the track, but most importantly the wind has kicked up a gear and it’s suddenly got much colder in northern Holland.

13:37 , Alex Young

Anyway, I’m not sure if it is the violinists or the sun but the track temperature has risen by 10C degrees.

13:36 , Alex Young

I’m not entirely sure what is going on on the track at the moment, but there is a DJ (wearing Orange of course) who is backed by violinists wearing ball gowns.

13:34 , Alex Young

I tell you what, the Orange army love ‘Sandstorm’ by Darude.

And who doesn’t, to be fair.

13:25 , Alex Young

There are some dark clouds growing above the Zandvoort Circuit.

The umbrellas are not up yet but they could well be needed before the race starts.

Norris is not confident

13:13 , Alex Young

There have rightly been plenty of criticism of the current state of Formula One given Max Verstappen's dominance, and other issues.

So it doesn't help when Lando Norris, who today starts in P2, predicts the race will be done after two laps!.

“I’ll challenge him probably two laps, then he’ll drive away,” he said.

“I’m not going to say no, like I’m not going to give it a try, but Max is always on another level when it comes to Sunday, in tyre degradation and race pace. So, there’s opportunities, but it’s going to be tough.”

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(Getty Images)

Verstappen reveals Vettel text

13:01 , Alex Young

Max Verstappen has revealed Sebastian Vettel told him he will break his record of nine consecutive victories.

The unstoppable Verstappen will equal four-time world champion Vettel's streak from 2013 if he takes the chequered flag in front of 105,000 expectant fans.

He last failed to win in Azerbaijan on April 30, and it will be a major surprise if his crushing run comes to a halt in front of his orange-clad army.

"I think after like five wins in a row or something like that, Seb texted me, you know ‘well done, what you're doing at the moment, keep it up’ and something like ‘you’re going to do it’," he said.

"But you know, I was like, ‘that's nine wins in a row, it’s something very impressive’ and I never thought I will be able to be already on eight.

"It's not something I have in the back of my head, constantly like ‘I need to do this, I need to do this’.

"I'm not in this sport to try and break records. I'm just here to win in the moment."

Zandvoort is here to stay

12:47 , Alex Young

Zandvoort is a small seaside town in northern Holland but the Dutch Grand Prix organisers believe it can and will become a staple in the Formula One calendar.

F1 returned to the Netherlands after 36 years in 2021 and Zandvoort's picturesque track with its banked curves in the dunes west of Amsterdam immediately made it stand out among the more than 20 other races.

"We feel Formula One is very happy with us," former F1 driver Jan Lammers, a Zandvoort native who was one of the driving forces behind the return of the Dutch Grand Prix, told Reuters.

The enormous popularity of Max Verstappen, the first Dutch Formula One champion, has helped sell over 300,000 tickets in an instant every year, but Lammers said Zandvoort's appeal goes beyond its dominant home driver.

"We bring more than just a race," he said. "Traditionally, a Grand Prix offered just two hours of entertainment on Sunday. But we felt we could do much better with a range of festivities in the run up to the race and we have succeeded, it's been buzzing here all week."

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Race prediction

12:34 , Alex Young

Max Verstappen wins.

Weather forecast

12:22 , Alex Young

It looks likely to be another wet race in Zandvoort this afternoon, at least initially.

Rain is currently scheduled in the hour leading up to lights out and there has been a warning issued for possible thunderstorms, but the sun should come out and stay out, albeit with cloud cover, from thereon.

Zandvoort, in nothern Holland, is situated on the coast so perenially windy on its best days. But that should help dry the track once the rain subsides.

It gives the drivers a decision to make on tyres. Perhaps intermediates are the answer from the off.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Starting grid today

12:10 , Alex Young

1) Max Verstappen

2) Lando Norris

3) George Russell

4) Alex Albon

5) Fernando Alonso

6) Carlos Sainz

7) Sergio Perez

8) Oscar Piastri

9) Charles Leclerc

10) Logan Sargeant

11) Lance Stroll

12) Pierre Gasly

13) Lewis Hamilton

14) Yuki Tsunoda

15) Nico Hulkenberg

16) Zhou Guanyu

17) Esteban Ocon

18) Valtteri Bottas

19) Liam Lawson

20) Kevin Magnussen*

*Kevin Magnussen drops from P18 to P20 after taking a new gearbox and power unit, exceeding the season limit

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Where to watch Dutch GP

12:00 , Alex Young

TV channel: In the UK, the entire weekend of racing is being broadcast on Sky Sports F1. Free highlights of the race will air on Channel 4 at 6.30pm BST.

Live stream: Sky Sports subscribers able to watch on the Sky Go app.

We’re back

11:47 , Alex Young

We’ve had a month off and what better way to return to the track than with Max Verstappen’s lively homecoming.

The Orange army will be out in force once again and expecting their hero to make it nine wins on the bounce.

It’s lights out at 2pm UK time.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)


11:39 , Alex Young

Good morning and welcome to the Evening Standard’s LIVE coverage of the Dutch Grand Prix!

The 2023 F1 season has resumed after the summer break and the calendar turns to the Netherlands, the home of runaway title leader Max Verstappen.

Qualification in the rain was an eventful one, and more bad weather is expected today. Don’t miss any of it with us.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)