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Eye-watering price Americans are paying for Aussie fruit

It's no secret Aussie produce is highly rated around the world – but would you pay this much?

Disgruntled Aussies have been hit by varying high prices for local fresh fruit and veggies in recent years thanks to turbulent weather and a gruelling cost-of-living crisis.

But while many winced at the idea of dropping $12 for a head of lettuce last year, such prices for Australian produce aren't as off-putting across the Pacific.

Single mangoes imported from the Northern Territory are retailing at a whopping $14 ($US8.99) – and according to the company supplying them, Americans are more than happy to pay up.

Americans are reportedly lapping up Australian mangoes. Source: Manbulloo Mangoes
Americans are reportedly lapping up Australian mangoes. Source: Manbulloo Mangoes

"They don't baulk at the price because they know the variety and know it'll be a great eating experience, and they get a lot of mango with an R2E2 variety," Manbulloo Mangoes' supply chain advisor, Scott Ledger, told the ABC.

"These are large mangoes, really colourful, and taste delicious."

Ledger stressed the inflated price was due to the cost it takes to get the fruit from Australia to American shelves in a way that ensures the quality of the fruit is not affected.

R2E2 mangoes are currently being sold for just $3.00 at Woolworths stores, while Coles, which Manbulloo Mangoes supplies, are selling theirs at $3.50.

Australian produce has a strong reputation around the world, with Chinese consumers welcoming the news last month further trade sanctions would be eased on Australian exports.

Fears another spike in produce costs ahead of Christmas

While there was hope recent low costs for some fruit and vegetables in supermarkets would extend to Christmas, there are fears a recent storm in Queensland may trigger a rise in price.

Coles and Woolworths revealed the storm had affected some crops however a host of other suppliers were unaffected.

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